Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Highlights of the ASDCA National Specialty 2006

First arrival - our set up under the tents. Alec & I are ready to go to the ring.

The go over by the Judge

Taking us around

Stand again.....

The Awards!

ASDCA National Specialty in California - 2006

Alec took Best Sr. Puppy and Best Opposite at the ASDCA National Specialty in the Puppy Sweetstakes! We had an awesome time at the Nationals. Met so many new faces. Got to see familiar ones. Thank you everyone.....Until next year in Gray Summit, MO.

Farm Dog to Show Dog to Farm Dog...

Sirin won Best of Winner 2 out of 4 days at the Lubbock Show - Her first show!

Then, Sirin went on to NM to win 2 more Best of Winners!

We will be breeding Sirin again in July 2007

Friday, October 27, 2006


Poor guy, he even had two staples in his rear leg, show side inside, where he went through a barbed wire fence just four days earlier. He was not favoring it enough to be pulled and noticed. But, I sure can tell in this photo how he's not putting all his weight on it. He recovered fast and great. Took out the staples when we got home. Vet said, he healed great.....


This is Alec, on left, and Sirin, on right, packed into Jamie's vehicle on our way to Texas. On this side of the divider, not shown, is Sira, Erin and Dillon.

These are Jill's two German Pinchers and one of her Keeshounds.

This show was indoors. Sirin, Alec, and Dillon waiting their turn to show.

Alec relaxing in the room.

Monday, October 23, 2006

White Sands, New Mexico


Rising from the heart of the Tularosa Basin is one of the world's great natural wonders - the glistening white sands of New Mexico. Here, great wave-like dunes of gypsum sand have engulfed 275 square miles of desert and created the world's largest gypsum dune field.

White Sands National Monument preserves a major portion of this unique dune field, along with the plants and animals that have successfully adapted to this constantly changing environment. Is this beautiful or What?


The girls enjoy the ride. On L is Dilara, then Melek, then Me and Maggie gets the floor. Maggie has been riding the golf cart for years and loves it.

What a beautiful front on these pups! 5 months old.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


At the all breed puppy match I showed one of our pups from our Sirin/Luke litter. This is Melek - 4 1/2 months old, shown by me.

Debi was gracious enough to show Melek's sister, Dilara. Debi and Dilara went on to not only win Best of Breed, but also won 3rd place in Working Group!


Here are some photos from the Supported Entry at the Gray Summit Show.

Best of Breed Lineup

Our group photo taken by Gary Jakobi.
From L to R: Susan with Lucy, Mary (Me) with Erin, Jamie with Sira, Laura with Ernie, Debi with Daisy, Tiffany with Seven and Siri, Future Anatolian Owner with Fecir, and Barb with Captain

Barb and Laura with Fecir and a Judge watching the Anatolians show. The Judge was learning about our breed.

Showing Lucy at Gray Summit, MO - Sept. 2006

Received an e-mail from an Anatolian owner, Susan, in Oklahoma who had entered her almost 2 yr. old girl Lucy for one day at the Gray Summit show in Missouri. Susan was looking for someone local who was showing Anatolians to get her Lucy ready for the show and handle her for that day. Since I was going I agreed to get her ready for her first show.

But first.....the grooming.....Lucy did great being groomed by me at Jamie's shop, Dog Naturals, in Branson West.

She was even up on the blow drying table. Good Lucy, clean Lucy.

Here's Lucy and I with the Judge. She did great for it being her first show. I encouraged Susan to handle her in the Match and they won BOB! Congratulations to Lucy and Susan. Thank you for letting me be a part of that....

Monday, September 04, 2006

Meet Meg - New Home, Westville, Oklahoma

Megs new home is with Helen. Helen lives on a ranch in Oklahoma. Her passion is her Border Collies. She takes the Borders to Cattle Dog Trails and wins! Her new companion, Meg, will be traveling with her and the Borders, but Meg gets to sleep with Helen in the trailer. Then Meg will go with Helen to meet everyone she competes with.

Here's some at home photos of Meg and Helen.....

Male Pup Goes Home To St. Joe, Missouri

This is Pat with her new boy. She and her mother drove down to pick up one of our male pups. She is calling him Kus (long u). He is becoming great friends with her 2 yr. old Bedouin Arabian Stallion. Pat said her stallion is sooo very gentle with his new companion. His first encounter with him they gently and ever so carefully sniffed noses....

You taste good, mmmmmm.

Time for the drive home with Pat and Mom

Grace's New Home - Victoria, BC

Grace is living on a Horse ranch in Victoria, BC with Ray and Lee and their Jack Russell Terriers, Will and Chloe

Some about her journey and new owners, Ray and Lee.....
"Well that was definitely a long day for both puppy and me.
It was very stressful when I got to the airport and they told me no dog was on the flight! Luckily the fellow also added that she just did not show as being on the flight...she still could be on it but somewhere along the way they did not mark her as being loaded into the plane. With a few phone calls to Lee who in turn was phoning the airline it all came down to no one knowing for sure if she was on the plane at all....Lee said the guy she talked to "can't find her anywhere" of course that did not sit well with either of us!

"The bottom line was I sat for 1.5 hours having no idea if my puppy was on the plane or in some other plane going to some other city.

"Finally as 9:00 pm approached I saw her crate sitting in the cargo bay.

"As soon as I started to walk near her crate she stood up and cocked her head to one side to get a better look at me. After some paperwork I was able to take her outside and give her some much needed water. As soon as I opened up the crate door she began to lick my face so I think she was very happy to see me. She was reluctant to come out of her crate but with a little time and some kind words she emerged.Thinking I was doing her a favour I gave her plenty of water and some food. After cleaning up the crate and putting fresh bedding in we got in the truck and headed for home. I should have known better ...and within a minute all of the water and the food came up and out, right into the centre cup holders. This was good as it made for simple clean up.

"After letting her know that it was okay she sat in-between the two front seats and promptly placed her head on my should and fell asleep within five minutes.

"We had a few rest stops on our way to the boarder then reach the ferry around midnight. We slept together in the back of the truck and got the first ferry back home at 6:00 am. She is really a brave little soul. After getting home and doing a little introduction to the Jack Russell's she settled right in. She follows me around the farm never letting me get too far away. 

"All three are having their morning nap at this minute.

"We have chosen the name Grace for her barn/farm name"

Another e-mail, from Lee:
"I caught Grace on the couch in the office snoozing today, at first she was embarrassed then decided to pose for her picture. She makes me laugh all day, it's hard to get anything done. Grace is very, very smart and extremely gentle with the other
dogs and children. Chloe who I thought would be a problem just ignores her and acts like a grandma, Will is trying to establish who is the boss only Grace already knows she can out run him, so he is finally giving in and
making an effort to play. One of the boarders has a young Russell Beagle cross, and the two play quite hard. The neatest thing is to watch her when she catches a scent. Right now she has to smell, then taste everything.
Thanks so much for sending her she really is quite special."

"The male Russell was running up to me and even as a little puppy she jumped in-between us, took her stance with her front feet spread apart and her chest puffed up as big as she could make it. She let out a heck of a bark/growl and stopped the Russell in his tracks. They are working it out and had some good bonding time this morning. The older female Russell is dealing with her much better than I thought she would. She's kind of taken on a grandmother role."

"Grace and Will are the best of friends play all day long and go everywhere together. These were taken in the office while I am trying to work and have to keep stopping to laugh at them. Her latest is to sit on Will and look around with a goofy look on her face. Watching her develop and her instincts kick in has been a lot of fun, interesting and at times challenging! We are all working it out and thoroughly enjoy her in fact love her to bits. Even Chloe has found a place in her heart for Grace".

Here's Grace at 5 months playing with her buddy Will. Who's on top?

That wore us out......whew.....zzzzzzz

Ready for more.....

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Lost Horizons Alec of Avanos - 10 months of age - 2nd show with competition!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Waukesha, WI Show

Had a wonderful time getting to know some of the other owners and their Anatolians. We had quite an assortment of our breed present. From L is Jeffrey w/Sultan, Debi w/Sasha & Daisy, Les w/Chewie, Marge w/Dillon, Jamie w/Erin & Sira, Mary (Me) w/Alec, Barbara w/Fecir and Gary w/Captain

Here is Gary Jakobi discussing Anatolians with a Judge who is interested in learning to Judge Anatolians

Congratulations to the dog that took BOB both days: CH AEGEAN'S INOUSSES (Sultan), OWNER: Jeffrey Werle and wife Marge. Here are a few photos from the event. Enjoy....

Drove up with my buddy, Jamie Beaver, and her three Anatolians, Sira, Erin, and Dillan. It was a 10 hour drive and all our Anatolians traveled great....

Alec snoozing......zzzzzzz & Dillon close to it....

Jamie Beaver with Dillon, Debi Grunnah with Sasha and Daisy, and Beth and Les Huisman with Chewie

Copperhead Bite!

As I was walking, at dusk, from the automatic waterer my girl, Sirin, jumped at something in the grass next to me. She started barking and pouncing. She was within 4 feet of me. I thought it might be a snake as I could not see it because of the grass. Robbie, 8 yrs. old, quickly joined in the attack. Both Sirin and Robbie were trying their best to kill the snake. I called for my son, Christian, to bring a shovel quickly. Sirin and Robbie were continuing to persue their intruder. I watched helpless as they kept pushing the copperhead into the shelter. I was not about to go in as it was getting darker and vision was not good. I saw Robbie and Sirin leaping into the air trying to avoid the strikes of the frightened snake. He hid behind a board but not before striking Robbie twice in the muzzle. Both Anatolians would not leave. Christian got there with the shovel and a flashlight. I gently and ever so carefully made sure that my hand was nowhere near where the copperhead could strike, moved the board, and was able to get him to come out. Christian wacked him several times with the shovel and resolved the situation. Both Anatolians were satisfied. Robbie went into another shelter to recoup from the bites.

Poor boy, his muzzle swelled up pretty much and it was ever so sensitive to the touch. I gave him some antihistamine liquid to help with the swelling. Sirin did not get hit. It took Robbie about three days to recover. He's fine....

I have learned from the past that Anatolians and goats can get over a copperhead bite in 3-4 days (even young pups and kids). With no side effects. I did talk with a woman at that time about the copperhead. She shared with me that she had a 12 yr. old dog who got bit by a copperhead. She took him to the Vet. who gave the anti-venum. Her dog died within 3 wks. of liver failure! I was told by a physician that the anti-venum is more dangerous than the bite itself. The copperheads were coming out in the early evenings because of lack of water as the temps at that time were in the 100's. My waterer leaks so there is ground water. The pups love to play in the ground water.


Our pups are raised within our Saanen Dairy goat herd as well as being housebroken. Here they are eagerly catching some of the first shots of milk as I prepare to "juice" our goat, Flower. Robbie is lounging in the background. Pups are 8 wks.