Saturday, December 07, 2013

First Winter Snow

The two old barns on the front forty acres

Snow in the Ozarks - Images of our Anatolians

My beautiful girl - Kus Sarkisi Suna Dilara

 Dilara's son, at 3 years, Kus Sarkisi Gunther
We received the biggest snow in years, around a foot

Kus Sarkisi Shadow of Tarik (13 wks)
Tarik snow mug

 Kus Sarkisi Kenyon Kadriye at 17 months - Dam is CH Kus Sarkisi Cana Melek
Kus Sarkisi Atalanta (11 months) checking out Kus Sarkisi Shadow of Graham (13 weeks)

Jumping for joy - Food time for Atalanta. Dilara watching her daughter leap
Rummy and his snow filled food bucket. That's not going to work!
The snowy walk down to feed our Anatoians

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Love these Anatolians!

Kus Sarkisi Reagan...She has her sire's eyes

Sire of Reagan is Lost Horizons Alec of Avanos, Dam is CH Kus Sarkisi Cana Melek

Sire of this litter is LUCKY HIT BETHANY YAMAN, DOB: 9/2/2013

Thursday, May 09, 2013

This is Kus Sarkisi Gunther

DOB: 03/15/2010
Gunther placed Best Opposite last Nov. His first show! His dam got BOB with a 3pt. Major! Our son, Christian showing her as always.

Dam: Kus Sarkisi Suna Dilara / Sire: Island Farm's Prime Suspect (Dillon)

Gunther lives with our Saanen Bucks

Gunther visiting with the neighboring 4 month old girls in their field. On the left: Artemis, Atalanta, Calypso & Aphrodite. Gunther is available for stud.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

8 Week Old Photo Evaluation

Kus Sarkisi Hyperion - Dutch marked Fawn w/black mask. Hyperion now lives with his family in North Carolina in a Show/Working/Companion home

Monday, March 18, 2013

These are the little ones I get to see on a daily basis

Dionysus (Danny Boy) on the left is a handsome dutch marked boy from Cricket and Rummy. Behind him is Chronos, out of Dilara and Rummy. Chronos is dark like his sire. Dilara had a good sized litter, nine puppies, on Jan 3rd, while Cricket had only three puppies on Jan 2nd, sooooo.....I took two of Dilara's pups, a male and a female and gave them to Cricket to raise. Worked like a charm. Cricket had plenty of milk for two more pups.

 Dionysus has a heck of a front stance. He is now apartment living with Joanie in El Paso, TX

 This is Dilara's girl Nyx being raised with Cricket. Beautiful sweet girl

This would be one of the big girls from Cricket. Her two daughters were LARGE at birth and continued to grow. Artemis is a lovely fawn w/black mask and quite a full coat.

Here are two of Dilara's pups, still in the whelping box. On the left is Helios, a fawn w/black mask male who is now living in San Diego, CA and Aphrodite, a stunning fawn w/black mask Dutch female.

Here is Atalanta at 4 weeks of age. She is sweet and charming and eager to please. Atalanta is out of Dilara and Rummy

This would be Adonis, or Freckle Foot. He is now living in Oklahoma with Patti and her family. He has an awesome gentle temperament (like his sire), and was very fascinated by the newborn goat kids.

On the left is Dionysus shown at 2 weeks old

On the right is Chronos also at 2 weeks

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Cricket and her puppies...DOB 1.02.2013

Taken just two days before delivery
I had tried to breed Cricket a couple years ago and she did not take, so you can imagine my surprise when she started showing signs of pregnancy around the same time Dilara did. I had not intended to breed her but guess the Big Guy had other plans.

She had been OFA'd after she turned two and it was Good. So when she showed signs of pregnancy I was surprised! She did have a slow progression on labor so decided to take her to my Vet and c-section her. Three healthy puppies!
At the Vet waiting...

She did great and didn't struggle at all. I would have struggled.

Our girl Cricket blessed us with three pups, 2 girls/1 boy (Dutch). 1 girl is reallllly big (center). This is her first litter.