Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gideon is the other boy from Sirin and Rummy

At of today, he is available to a livestock guardian home. He is a very sweet boy, great disposition, excellent structure and would fit in well with a family. Call for more details or questions.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My, how they grow....

This is Gabe at 8 wks, M1 in the litter from Flat Creek Sirin Ruh C and The Cedars' Rumpelstiltskin KS, "Rummy".

Gabe at 4 months

Gabe at 9 months just went to live with his new family in Alabama and his playmate Queenie, a six month old Anatolian. Photos to be posted later

Where Are They Now....Photos of our Pups w/their families

This is Jasper at 10 months, his buddy is Henry. Jasper was living with Zuzana and her family but went missing in Sept. 2010. He is sorely missed.

This is Hal, 8 months, in California, living in a livestock guardian and show home with Lyne. That is Tinkerbell, his buddy, behind him. Hal was sired by our boy Lost Horizons Alec of Avanos (Alec) and CH Kus Sarkisi Cana Melek (Melek)

This is Isis, 9 months, in New Mexico with her German Pincher family

Isis enjoying the snow day

Isis at 7 months. Isis is living in a show/companion home with Jill. Looking awesome..Isis is out of Kus Sarkisi Suna Dilara (Dilara) and Island Farm's Prime Suspect (Dillon)

This is Scout at 5 months, living in Missouri with Dale. Dale writes me and says, "She has the BEST personality of any dog I have owned. Loves children and our other dogs. Was house broken in two weeks. My only complaint would be that she is a little hard to obedience train because she doesn't care that much about food." Gee that's not typical of an Anatolian, LOL....Scout is out of Kus Sarkisi Suna Dilara and Island Farm's Prime Suspect

This is Griz at 10 months, living in Ava, Missouri with Dan & Kathleen. Kathleen writes "Other than him barking at ??? in the wee hours of the morning (between 12:01 am and 5:00 am!), he is being a good boy. He likes to chase the barn cats, but he doesn’t even attempt it with the inside cat. He doesn’t chase the chickens which is good and he has met the cattle and he keeps his distance and isn’t a pain.

His sheep whine when he is not in the pen area with him, even though I have caught him chasing them (and yes, I’ve scolded him…doesn’t mean he stops). I think a lot of it is puppy stuff, especially like last night when it was cool and all the critters were feeling their oats. He was fired up! I’m not sure if there is a way to teach him what is appropriate to bark at and what isn’t, but we’ll figure it out." Griz is out of Alec and Tig.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Champion Melek/Alec pups at 8 wks

Female #1 - Fawn with black mask, white muzzle, Reagan is showing her protection of me already. She is very loving and will stand with her head buried in my lap. Reagan went to her new home with Anita Mertz and her family in Hermitage, MO to be a working-show dog and a wonderful addition to their breeding program.

Female #2 - Alice looks just like her sire but feminine with delicate features

Alice at 4 months. Such a lovely face

Male #1 - Hal is now living in Calif. with Lyne growing up in a show home

Male #2 - Fawn w/black mask, white muzzle, Trojan. He's almost a twin to his sister Reagan, but much larger

Male #3 - He went to a home in Archie, MO with his new owner Rich

Male #4 - Lance is fawn w/black mask. His new home is in Neosho, MO with Amber & Arthur and their two young girls as a family companion.

Lance with his girls...

Male #5 - Fawn w/black mask, Caden at 8 wks. Sweet & observant. Caden went to his new home in Galena, MO to be a wonderful livestock guardian for Melanie Leigh-Deux and her children.

Caden at 4 months

Dilara/Dillon Female Pups 8 Wks.

Female #1 - Fawn w/black mask, snip, IZCI OF KUS SARKISI (Scout) is living in Thornfield, MO with Chris and family.


Female #2 Keno...looks a lot like her sister Roulette

Female #3 Roulette, fawn w/black mask, dutch. Beautiful show prospect

Roulette at 7 months....just lovely

Female #4 Isis is living with Jill in New Mexico a wonderful show home

Isis at 4 months...

Female #5 Fiona, showing excellent guarding instinct within our dairy goat herd, very sweet and loving nature

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dilara/Dillon Male Pups 8wks.

Male #1 Chisel went to a wonderful home with Bart in Carpinteria, California

Male #2 Gunther

Gunther has great structure like most of his siblings....breeding

Handsome male and loves his goats

Gunther at 7 months

Male #3 Maxx

Maxx at 9 months

Male #4 Hondo

Hondo at 7 months

Hondo is very sweet

Another photo of Hondo. He's got awesome structure

Male #5 Kane, fawn w/black mask, snip...

Kane at 7 months.

He's got great structure, nice balance and a great character. Loves his goats

Male #6 Gunnarr, a very flashy male...

Gunnarr at 7 months

Gunnarr at 9 months, taken 12/22/10