Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome to our Family - AURA

Aura comes to us from Tilsimli Kennels. Her dam is Sira and she's sired by Rocky. Here she is 4 months old.

Aura playing with one of our Border Collie pups

Aura meets the Border Collie pups - She just loves them

Aura on left, meeting some of our other Anatolian pups. The male on the far right went to Pueblo, Colorado. Dutch marked boy went to Seattle, WA. And the girl with her back to us, to Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Play time…

Rest time…

This is Aura at 3 months old. What a beautiful head with lots of growing ahead of her.

Aura hangs out with us when we create our Concrete Counter Tops. One of the empty mix bags.