Sunday, December 30, 2007

Anatolian/Cheetah Relationships Houston Zoo

"Hollie Colahan, our curator of primates and carnivores, and Kevin Hodge, carnivore supervisor, are prepared to talk about our program but the reporters must understand that it will probably be six months to 12 months before the cheetahs are going to be seen with the dogs and then it will only be for special events. The dogs on the other hand will be seen before the cheetahs…but it will still be a month or two – they need to acclimate to their new home and the keepers. The goal of the program is not only to raise awareness about cheetah conservation but also, with the help of your wonderful dogs, to talk about responsible pet ownership."

The idea is to be able to discuss not only the threats to the cheetah but also what's being done to save them - this is where the Anatolians come in. We will be doing presentations/special events with both the cheetahs and the dogs - this is one reason we are getting two of each. We want all of them to be able to have a break. We are not the first zoo to do this and
we will be following protocols set by other facilities (and have been talking to several other facilities about their programs) - adjusting them as need be for our own situation.

Taji, the female Anatolian, with the cubs

Taji was pictured in the Houston Zoo Wildlife magazine, Winter 2007…
Tusker, the male, is also spending time with them and they are doing great! Everyone here at the zoo loves them and is so surprised at how calm they are and how good they are with the cheetah.
They are very compatible but their personalities are quite different. Tusker is more calm but also stubborn – he’s prone to moping when he doesn’t get his way. He is so patient with the cheetahs though, even when they bite his tail! Taji is more lively and is really into her training. They are learning some basic obedience and walking on the leash so far.

They spend their day going for walks in the zoo, being introduced to the cheetahs, and playing in their yard. They are great with people, including kids, and are spending time out in the zoo now meeting our guests.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome to our Family - AURA

Aura comes to us from Tilsimli Kennels. Her dam is Sira and she's sired by Rocky. Here she is 4 months old.

Aura playing with one of our Border Collie pups

Aura meets the Border Collie pups - She just loves them

Aura on left, meeting some of our other Anatolian pups. The male on the far right went to Pueblo, Colorado. Dutch marked boy went to Seattle, WA. And the girl with her back to us, to Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Play time…

Rest time…

This is Aura at 3 months old. What a beautiful head with lots of growing ahead of her.

Aura hangs out with us when we create our Concrete Counter Tops. One of the empty mix bags.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Time To Relax After The Specialty

"This might work…"

"Nope, I like this much better…"

ASDCA National Specialty 2007 - Sept. 22

Come on Jim, get up, I need to go potty…says Lucy

Another jaunt around the ring for Emily & Ally, Mary & Melek

Open Class competition for bitches line up…From L to R: Rhys with Island Farm's Rock On; Tom with Colby; Terry with Cheddar; and Mary (me) with Lucy

THE CEDARS HULUSI NURGUEL "Lucy", winning one of her 5 pt. majors from JUDGE: Dr Sam F Burke Jr on 9/22/2007

Judge: Dr. Sam F Burke Jr. checking Lucy's bite

Pictured are Best of Breed Specials, only the Dogs. Innana Bay Boudreau of Luckyhit (pictured left) owner/handler Erin Tallon won Best of Breed and went on to place a Group 2. Two group wins for Anatolian Shepherds in one weekend!

ASDCA National Specialty 2007 - GROUP 1

Look out for the ferocious Chinese Crested. Mustafa handled the attack with reserve & dignity.

The crowd roared for Mustafa's Group 1 win. Handler Gary Sheetz.

More ASDCA National Specialty

Jim, my Husband, with our new pup, Aura.

The Hart family, Emily (granddaughter), Jim and Sheryle, with our son Christian

ASDCA National Specialty 2007 - BEST OF BREED


Winners Dog & Winners Bitch

Lucy is owned by Susan Hovis of Oklahoma, Handled by Mary Birdsong

ASDCA National Specialty 2007 - Open Bitches

Lucy won Open Bitches with a 5 pt. Major! Two days in a row!

From L to R: Mary handling "Lucy" The Cedars Hulusi Nurguel, Emily handling "Abby" Island Farms Escape To Horizon. Next is Birinci's Hayalet Dansi, handled by a friend of Carmens, and Caatskill's 'Any Day Now' handled by Ann Collins.

ASDCA National Specialty Gray Summit, MO - 2007

Awarded to Kus Sarkisi Cana Melek for Best Working Bitch


Abby, on left, shown by Jr. Handler, Emily, (not shown), Judge: Mrs. Chris Walkowicz, with me handling Melek

Taking Melek around…

Abby, on left, shown by Jr. Handler, 10 yr. old Emily, Granddaughter of Jim & Sheryle Hart, with me handling Melek. Emily went on to place first in Junior Handling that day. Excellent job, Emily…

2007 ASDCA National Specialty - Candid Photos by Jim

Loaded for the trip in the back of our Tundra is Melek and male pup going to his new home.

Lucy waiting to hit the road. Show day is in the morning!

Bath Time - First Time

All of our pups are doing great taking baths. But soon they'll need a bigger basin.

All dry and squeekie clean…
This little guy rode with us to the ASDCA Nationals in Gray Summit, MO to meet his new family.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Puppy Photos at 10 wks.

One of the boys at 10 wks.

Follow me…