Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dilara/Dillon Male Pups 8wks.

Male #1 Chisel went to a wonderful home with Bart in Carpinteria, California

Male #2 Gunther

Gunther has great structure like most of his siblings....breeding

Handsome male and loves his goats

Gunther at 7 months

Male #3 Maxx

Maxx at 9 months

Male #4 Hondo

Hondo at 7 months

Hondo is very sweet

Another photo of Hondo. He's got awesome structure

Male #5 Kane, fawn w/black mask, snip...

Kane at 7 months.

He's got great structure, nice balance and a great character. Loves his goats

Male #6 Gunnarr, a very flashy male...

Gunnarr at 7 months

Gunnarr at 9 months, taken 12/22/10

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Dilara pups...water time

The hose is on....

Love this photo....puppy rears...

Dilara and her pups 8 wks.

Beautiful noble, regal head....Kus Sarkisi Suna Dilara

Here are a few photos of Mamma communicating to her pup

Nothing harsh...she loves her babies

Some Photos of Dilara & Dillon pups DOB: 3/15/2010

A day in the life of Puppies...

One of Sirin's girls....give me five

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dilara/Dillon litter

These two photos are of Dillon. He was bred to Dilara, Kus Sarkisi Suna Dilara. Dilara is 28/29 inches, OFA Good. She is major pointed in AKC conformation showing. Dilara finished 2009 in the Top 25 AKC Anatolian Shepherd - AKC Top Dogs Using Breed Totals. For puppy photos please call or e-mail. DOB 3/15/2010

This is Dillon, Island Farm's Prime Suspect. Dillon is 33" at the shoulder with an Excellent OFA. He is also major pointed in AKC conformation. He has a sweet character and loves everything. One of his puppies posted below, on left