Friday, January 29, 2010

The Group Photo in our Dairy Goat area

The pups are being introduced to the goats. This way each and everyone of them can fit into a livestock guardian home or companion home. Leash training started this week.

From L to R, Marie (sitting, blue collar), behind her is Griz, standing in rear is Kat, (Red collar F), on right standing is Luke, (Blue collar male), center, with head down, white spot on shoulder, is Jasmine, sitting to her right is Ally, front is Jasper, (Red collar male), to the right is Jewell

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Puppy Boys - 11 weeks


This is Jasper, Fawn w/black mask, Red Collar male

This is Griz, on R, with Marie on L

Fawn w/Black mask, Griz, a bit more coat than the others in the litter


This is Luke, Fawn w/Black mask, Blue collar

Puppy Girls - 11 weeks



Fawn w/black mask, Black collar, Jewell



Fawn w/black mask, Blue collar - Marie's new home is with Robert Patten and his family in Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada


Fawn w/black mask, Red collar, Kat's new home is with Jill Lorenzo and her family in Batavia, Illinois.

Kat with her new family...

Meeting her new family

Jill meeting Kat, love at first site

Kat is all love for her new family

Fawn w/black mask, Lila. Lila's new home is in Nebraska living with Erica Lichti and her family.

Erica and Lila

Lila did great in our new 6 ft. tub cleaning up for her trip with Erica.

Lila with her buddy....

Lila on R, Jasmine on L

Jasmine on R, Marie on L

Monday, January 18, 2010

Puppies Available - DOB: 11/2/09

Litter at 6 wks. of age

Star with their new family member, Bethoven

Patti with her new boy, Bethoven, going to Huntsville, Arkansas


Playing in the yard...Please contact us at 417-847-7467 for more information. At this time there is still male and female available to select homes. Or e-mail at