Thursday, August 17, 2006


Lost Horizons Alec of Avanos - 10 months of age - 2nd show with competition!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Waukesha, WI Show

Had a wonderful time getting to know some of the other owners and their Anatolians. We had quite an assortment of our breed present. From L is Jeffrey w/Sultan, Debi w/Sasha & Daisy, Les w/Chewie, Marge w/Dillon, Jamie w/Erin & Sira, Mary (Me) w/Alec, Barbara w/Fecir and Gary w/Captain

Here is Gary Jakobi discussing Anatolians with a Judge who is interested in learning to Judge Anatolians

Congratulations to the dog that took BOB both days: CH AEGEAN'S INOUSSES (Sultan), OWNER: Jeffrey Werle and wife Marge. Here are a few photos from the event. Enjoy....

Drove up with my buddy, Jamie Beaver, and her three Anatolians, Sira, Erin, and Dillan. It was a 10 hour drive and all our Anatolians traveled great....

Alec snoozing......zzzzzzz & Dillon close to it....

Jamie Beaver with Dillon, Debi Grunnah with Sasha and Daisy, and Beth and Les Huisman with Chewie

Copperhead Bite!

As I was walking, at dusk, from the automatic waterer my girl, Sirin, jumped at something in the grass next to me. She started barking and pouncing. She was within 4 feet of me. I thought it might be a snake as I could not see it because of the grass. Robbie, 8 yrs. old, quickly joined in the attack. Both Sirin and Robbie were trying their best to kill the snake. I called for my son, Christian, to bring a shovel quickly. Sirin and Robbie were continuing to persue their intruder. I watched helpless as they kept pushing the copperhead into the shelter. I was not about to go in as it was getting darker and vision was not good. I saw Robbie and Sirin leaping into the air trying to avoid the strikes of the frightened snake. He hid behind a board but not before striking Robbie twice in the muzzle. Both Anatolians would not leave. Christian got there with the shovel and a flashlight. I gently and ever so carefully made sure that my hand was nowhere near where the copperhead could strike, moved the board, and was able to get him to come out. Christian wacked him several times with the shovel and resolved the situation. Both Anatolians were satisfied. Robbie went into another shelter to recoup from the bites.

Poor boy, his muzzle swelled up pretty much and it was ever so sensitive to the touch. I gave him some antihistamine liquid to help with the swelling. Sirin did not get hit. It took Robbie about three days to recover. He's fine....

I have learned from the past that Anatolians and goats can get over a copperhead bite in 3-4 days (even young pups and kids). With no side effects. I did talk with a woman at that time about the copperhead. She shared with me that she had a 12 yr. old dog who got bit by a copperhead. She took him to the Vet. who gave the anti-venum. Her dog died within 3 wks. of liver failure! I was told by a physician that the anti-venum is more dangerous than the bite itself. The copperheads were coming out in the early evenings because of lack of water as the temps at that time were in the 100's. My waterer leaks so there is ground water. The pups love to play in the ground water.


Our pups are raised within our Saanen Dairy goat herd as well as being housebroken. Here they are eagerly catching some of the first shots of milk as I prepare to "juice" our goat, Flower. Robbie is lounging in the background. Pups are 8 wks.

Playtime in the house with their dam, Sirin. Pups 8 wks.

Chow time.....7 wks. of age

Alec with Meg, at 6 wks.

Our boy, Alec, with Kus on the left and Grace on the right.
Pups are 5 wks. in this photo