Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Champion Melek/Alec pups at 8 wks

Female #1 - Fawn with black mask, white muzzle, Reagan is showing her protection of me already. She is very loving and will stand with her head buried in my lap. Reagan went to her new home with Anita Mertz and her family in Hermitage, MO to be a working-show dog and a wonderful addition to their breeding program.

Female #2 - Alice looks just like her sire but feminine with delicate features

Alice at 4 months. Such a lovely face

Male #1 - Hal is now living in Calif. with Lyne growing up in a show home

Male #2 - Fawn w/black mask, white muzzle, Trojan. He's almost a twin to his sister Reagan, but much larger

Male #3 - He went to a home in Archie, MO with his new owner Rich

Male #4 - Lance is fawn w/black mask. His new home is in Neosho, MO with Amber & Arthur and their two young girls as a family companion.

Lance with his girls...

Male #5 - Fawn w/black mask, Caden at 8 wks. Sweet & observant. Caden went to his new home in Galena, MO to be a wonderful livestock guardian for Melanie Leigh-Deux and her children.

Caden at 4 months

Dilara/Dillon Female Pups 8 Wks.

Female #1 - Fawn w/black mask, snip, IZCI OF KUS SARKISI (Scout) is living in Thornfield, MO with Chris and family.


Female #2 Keno...looks a lot like her sister Roulette

Female #3 Roulette, fawn w/black mask, dutch. Beautiful show prospect

Roulette at 7 months....just lovely

Female #4 Isis is living with Jill in New Mexico a wonderful show home

Isis at 4 months...

Female #5 Fiona, showing excellent guarding instinct within our dairy goat herd, very sweet and loving nature