Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alec Enjoying Playing in the Hay

Christian playing with Alec, just throw it.....

Watch what happens......

Alec with the girls: Dilara, Melek, & Cheyenne, dutch marked 10 yr old granddam of Dilara and Melek

Dilara, Melek, & Cheyenne with one of the Saanen kids

A Sunny Day in the Hay

On the left is Dilara with Melek on the right. Thought these were nice head shots.

Head profile photos of the girls.

Now some fun.....

Melek with two of our 2 wk. old Saanen kids. All our Anatolians are working dogs.

Dilara with her Dam, Sirin, in the back

Another photo of Melek with Dilara lounging in the hay.

Ice Storm Hits SW Missouri

These are the hills North of Turkey Mtn. area looking West and Southwest taken Jan. 19, 2007

An Ice Storm hit our area pretty hard. Amazingly we did not get much of it located where we were by the creek. Power went out all around us with several hundred power poles snapping because of the weight from the ice. But, we were just fine....

The tree damage was intense north of us with a tremendous amount of clean up still in progress. The trees all look as if high winds took the tops and snapped them off.

MEG & Helen at Home

Here's Meg, one of Sirins pups, out after the ice storm

Helen loves her Turkish Blanket.....

Meg is now 8 months old in these photos

That's A Lot of Snow - Grace in Victoria, BC

Here are some updated photos from Ray of Grace, one of Sirin's pups, living in Victoria, BC

But, I don't want to come in.....I'll just watch you through the window....

Is that a snow ball she's getting ready to throw?

Watch Grace's slide show at

Friday, January 26, 2007

Our First Grandchild - Latimer Quinn

Latimer at 3 days old

Alec is so curious of this new little bundle. New smell, new noise. Someone new to protect.

Grandma feeding her grandson. Alec would love to lick him but didn't, just sniffing

Latimer being held and fed by his Great-Grandma, Joanie

Here is a video of Latimer at 2 months old

Grandpa Jim sleeping with Latimer.....zzzzzz

This does not look very confortable

Bath time in the kitchen sink...He won't fit in there for very long

Thanksgiving with Family - Turkey:Not for Alec

He didn't get anything but the leftovers.....but oh so good were the leftovers.

My family: L to R Husband Jim, Sister-in-Law Trish, Me, Brother Norm holding their youngest Matthew, Our infamous Uncle Norm, and Mom Joanie. The rest of the children are in the other room dining on their feast.

From L to R: Ally and Josh with our new Grandson, Latimer Quinn only 5 days old. Trish, Nathaniel, Me, little Maggie, and our son Christian.

Here's some nice fiddling done by Norm's daughter, Hannah, Daniel on the Guitar, Benjamin on the Mandolin, Norm on the Banjo.

X-Ray of a 6 month old Anatolian Skull

Dilara got butt by one of the Bucks while the bucks were playing. Took her to the vet to make sure all was well. Here she is sitting in the window sill waiting for her turn.

The x-ray showed she was fine, but she did need something for the headache and time to be alone. Thought this was an excellent x-ray and wanted to share.

Snow Dogs

Dilara, almost 7 months, in the snow. What a beautiful front end...

From L to R: Alec (15 months), Dilara and Melek (almost 7 months) "You grab me Melek and I'll grab Alec"...Play time

Watch this video of them in the snow...

Alec chasing Melek

Dilara in amongst the cedars

Rain Equals Mud in the Goat Pasture

My muddy girl, Melek. What a show dog....I think she had lots of fun getting this way. Watch this video of them playing in flooded pasture:

A much cleaner Melek lounging in the house

More new Goat kids.....with Melek

This is Flower giving birth to her second kid. I'm just holding this kid between contractions at this point. Flower had problems that needed my attention. She went into labor, not hard labor, but had no progression. Upon an examination by me I found out that the first kid being presented was breech trying to come out tail first. So, with patience and gentle persistance I, with the help of my husband and my friend, Bess on the phone, was able to manipulate the kid and managed to straighten out both back legs for an easier delivery. The kid was extremely weak but with effort we were able to help pull her through. This is Melek shown with one of the other two that Flower gave birth to that were both presented head first both forelegs back. More manipulation. All three kids are just fine. Two doelings and one buckling.

This is the first little doe kid in the house after being warmed up and given some colostrum. She just could not stand on the wood floor.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Goat Kids are Here......

Here is Dilara keeping watch on Lizzy and her three new buck kids....

This is Dilara experiencing her first goat kids. She wanted to be around them desperately, but her instinct told her to keep a check on her delight to be with the newborn kids, so she lays low, as any good LGD should do.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Melek's first show at 6 months and she wins a 3 pt. major. Melek is our 3rd generation of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. Her dam is Flat Creek Sirin Ruh C, her sire is CH Night Watch's King Kadir from Horizon Kennels in Tenn.

Ozark Kennel Club - Springfield, Missouri

Alec won Best of Opposite both days of the show!

Sorry the below photos are so bad....My photographer was not still enough and these are all I have. Just think of it as in a dream...

This photo is of my husband Jim and I with, L to R: Melek, Sirin, Dilara and Alec. This was Jim's first time handling and he did GREAT! My husband and I do so many things together.

I am stacking Melek....Jim is stacking Dilara

Melek and I. She and her sister did wonderful.

Opening for both days of the show was me singing The National Anthem