Monday, April 14, 2008

Blowing Coat………

Here is a perfect example of an Anatolian "Blowing Coat"

He's one of our outside LGD's. So, his coat is blowing in the wind and probably aiding a bird with nesting at this time of year, April

As you can see, that wonderful full winter coat just comes out in chunks

Brushing will hasten its journey in blowing and feel wonderful for your Anatolian.
Noticed that not all bloodlines blow coat like this boy. Some are minimal. All love to be brushed

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here Come The Goat Kids

Our first kids this year are from our LaMancha doe, Shadow. This is her second time kidding. This time with a buck (black/white) and a doe (fawn)

Dilara loves the new kids and keep an eye on them wherever they go. And they do love to explore

Monday, March 24, 2008

More Feeding Instructions for Anatolians

Latimer just loves going into the crate with Aura

Aura is so gentle with him and does not push him around

Latimer is 15 months, Aura is 7 months

No food aggression there

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Latimer & Our Anatolians - Feeding Instructions

I keep Aura's kibble in this bucket in the house. Latimer loves feeding Aura.

Aura is 6 months now, Latimer is 14 months

Doing great, Latimer. Grab some for Aura

That's not how it's supposed to work…

Aura wonders, "Where's mine?"

That's enough, time to put it away. Maybe next time Aura…

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Latimer & Our Anatolians

Our new grandson, Latimer, was only 3 days old when Alec met him

Latimer was a new smell and sound for him

Alec could not help but be curious about the new little being

At 8 months, Latimer meets the new 2 wk. old puppies

Now's a good time to teach him to be gentle with pups

Latimer loves looking at the pups and their dam, Sirin, does not mind at all

Sooooo Soft…

Puppy toe licks…

Sirin is very gentle with Latimer even with a young litter of pups

Pups at 4 wks

Playtime in the grass, pups at 5 wks., Latimer at 9 months

I love this photo…

This is Lucy, also so gentle natured with Latimer. Lucy was visiting us from Oklahoma

She loved being close to him while he played

Follow Me………Another day in the yard, pups are 10 wks old, Latimer is 10 months old

Time for a rest

Does this belong to you?
Latimer, 11 months, meets our new pup, Aura, 3 months

Can I play with your toy?

Welcome Briar Rose to our Family

The Cedars' Yuksel Kus Sarkisi or "Briar Rose" is out of Sakarya's Blazing Legend (our boy, Duke) and CH The Cedars' Hulusi Nurguel, Lucy

Rose is 8 wks. in these photos

Hello Kitty…

Rose meets Aura our 8 month old - "Are you my new mommy?"

"Nope, just buddies"

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Anatolian Shepherds and Children

Looking at pups eye to eye, Christian and Grace

Emily with two of her Grandma's pups

Nothing's better than sitting around holding onto puppies…

What can surpass the experience of curling up with your own soft, cuddlie, loving Anatolian puppy.

Conformation classes begin…

That was exhausting…