Monday, March 18, 2013

These are the little ones I get to see on a daily basis

Dionysus (Danny Boy) on the left is a handsome dutch marked boy from Cricket and Rummy. Behind him is Chronos, out of Dilara and Rummy. Chronos is dark like his sire. Dilara had a good sized litter, nine puppies, on Jan 3rd, while Cricket had only three puppies on Jan 2nd, sooooo.....I took two of Dilara's pups, a male and a female and gave them to Cricket to raise. Worked like a charm. Cricket had plenty of milk for two more pups.

 Dionysus has a heck of a front stance. He is now apartment living with Joanie in El Paso, TX

 This is Dilara's girl Nyx being raised with Cricket. Beautiful sweet girl

This would be one of the big girls from Cricket. Her two daughters were LARGE at birth and continued to grow. Artemis is a lovely fawn w/black mask and quite a full coat.

Here are two of Dilara's pups, still in the whelping box. On the left is Helios, a fawn w/black mask male who is now living in San Diego, CA and Aphrodite, a stunning fawn w/black mask Dutch female.

Here is Atalanta at 4 weeks of age. She is sweet and charming and eager to please. Atalanta is out of Dilara and Rummy

This would be Adonis, or Freckle Foot. He is now living in Oklahoma with Patti and her family. He has an awesome gentle temperament (like his sire), and was very fascinated by the newborn goat kids.

On the left is Dionysus shown at 2 weeks old

On the right is Chronos also at 2 weeks


Unknown said...

Danny Boy is well and happy in El Paso.

Unknown said...

I cannot believe Danny Boy turned 5 in January. He is still well in El Paso. His best friend at the dog park is a Bouvier des Flanders, they play tag with their own rules. He is not dog aggressive but he stops pit bulls in their tracks with his "I am in charge stance", ears squared up, all 4 legs planted, watching to see what his next move needs to day a pit got too close to me as I was sitting on a bench.He was across the field and came flying to me, shoved me down the bench, getting between me and the pit No bristle, no growl, stood there and looked at b t bg e pit, which made the pit and owner leave the park. Business kver, he c went back to his game of tag.

Unknown said...

People at the dog park asked what happened. I told them I am Danny Boy's flock and he was keeping an eye on me as he was playing. They asked if I had signaled to him and I explained that Anatolian's are free thinkers, they size up a situation and act accordingly to protect their flock. He also insists on being the greeter at the front door. He is a great gatekeeper, he decides who can come in and who cannot.I always defer to his judgment at the door. When he was younger, he would pull that stance on me when I told him "no" and I would tell him not to pull that stance on me, that I was also the leader of his pack. We never get confused on who is the leader when he thinks I may be in danger, he is the leader and lets everyone know by his stance.